Providers are not created equally and we are all different in the type of work and the level of our training. Our prices reflect a great value for the level of training, years of experience and effectiveness of the skill sets we combine. Clients always remark how different our treatments are from others- and hence our success.

* We do not offer consultations as there is very little we can address about treatment without performing an examination - the initial vist is your consultation  *

Initial Visit $165 - 60 minutes (Intake and Treatment)

Followup Visits:

 Internal Medicine Acupuncture & Herbal Eval. $85

 Dry Needling & Orthopedic Acupuncture w/ ART - $85    

 Active Release (ART) $65 - (1 Body Region)

 Followup Herbal Exam $50 + cost of herbs (separate).

We do accept Health Spending Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts for ALL our Services.

We are only in network with United Healthcare and Blue Shield. You will be charged an uncovered service fee of $30 for ART/Rehab services if they are provided.

We DO NOT accept HMO plans,  Blue Cross, 

Covered California Plans, ACN, Optum, Sharp, ASHP, Cigna or Kaiser. 

We do not bill secondary insurances.

*Medicare, Medical, Kaiser, Medicare and Tricare do not cover our services*

How should i prepare for my first visit?

Please note your first visit is for examination and treatment. We perform diagnosis and perhaps light treatment in terms of forming a concise diagnosis and evaluate whether we can accept you as a patient. From the diagnosis we shall have a report of findings to discuss what we found and what treatment would look like. If time allows and we are confident in your diagnosis we will perform treatment.

Dress accordingly- wear loose comfortable clothing that will allow for exposure of your effected are. Be prepared to expose your extremities up to the shoulder or mid-thigh. You may be asked to remove clothing and put on a medical gown if treatment requires an area of the torso to be exposed.

We will focus on one area per treatment- it is very important to control variables and focus our efforts to truly evaluate our effectiveness and your response to treatment.  

How Many Treatments Will I Need?